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Check out the funded 2024 Flint ReCAST Mini-Grant organizations below!

Thank you for your participation in selecting the 2024 Flint ReCAST Mini-Grant Program.

The funded organization’s for this year’s program are listed below!

Active Boys in Christ: Youth Development Skilled Trades

ABC Youth is a non-profit organization that offers boys and girls ages 7-17 free skilled trades training, focusing on electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and culinary art, coupled with life skills sessions teaching several different components of character traits; improving the participant’s global self-worth, job competencies, and behavioral conduct. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to develop their skills and reach their full potential. Our program equips students with the tools they need to succeed in all aspects of their lives. Join us in empowering young minds and creating a brighter future for our youth!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flint & Genesee County: Thriving Families Resiliency Collaborative

The Thriving Families Resiliency Collaborative, a collaboration between Big BrothersBig Sisters and Motherly Intercession, aims to enhance family engagement, fostering youth development and reinforcing family ties. Parental incarceration has lasting effects, reaching across generations. Beyond serving as a punishment, it profoundly impacts the children involved. Throughout a parent’s imprisonment, children endure disruptions to their stability, facing relocation, foster care, sibling separation, and difficulties in maintaining regular visits with the incarcerated parent.

Communities First, Inc.: Wrap Around Supports for Housing Security – Family Mobility Services and Trauma-Informed Property Management

As both a nonprofit social service provider and multifamily real estate developer, Communities First, Inc. (CFI) believes everyone deserves a safe, quality, affordable place to call home. By offering free Family Mobility Services to low-to-moderate income households, CFI strives to develop family supports and resiliency following traumatic experiences such as homelessness and poverty. Our programs focus on the whole person and the whole family to promote holistic health and wellness, economic opportunity, education and social interactions. Taking this model one step further, CFI seeks to train all staff on our Property Management Team in trauma-informed care to model the applicability of support and respect in the rental leasing process.

Developing Respectful Educated Aspiring Minds with Sports: Green DREAMS

Green DREAMS: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders in Flint! Join us in transforming youth lives through sports, education, and sustainable living. In partnership with local schools and community centers, Green DREAMS offers a unique blend of STEAM education, agricultural exploration, and culinary arts. Our program fosters resilience, positive mental well-being, and community empowerment. Support our vision for a healthier, empowered, and vibrant Flint community by voting for Green DREAMS!

Ennis Center for Children, Inc.: Fostering Creativity – A Therapeutic Arts Program for Children Suffering from Trauma

INOVATIVE ART THERAPY LEADS TRAUMATIZIED KIDS ON “PATH TO WELLNESS.” Ennis Center is making great strides in benefitting Flint-area children with highly successful Fostering Creativity Program. Fostering Creativity is an enhanced art-therapy program, carefully designed to help mitigate the suffering of distressed children who have been traumatized by the long-term effects of abandonment, abuse and neglect. This uniquely successful initiative is set to be offered as an engaging after-school program, free of charge, one day a week to youth ranging in ages from 8 to 14.

Flint Cultural Center Academy: FCCA Hope Squad

Flint Cultural Center Academy’s Hope Squad is the foundation of mental health support and awareness at FCCA. Hope Squad members lead activities to educate our 650 K-8 student body, families, and staff about mental health and suicide prevention. Hope Squad’s goal is to raise awareness, destigmatize mental health, and educate and connect students to appropriate and safe resources.

Flint Freedom Schools Collaborative: Collaborative Experiential Learning, Family Engagement, and Talent Development

The Flint Freedom Schools Collaborative promotes equitable learning opportunities through community partnerships. We engage youth in literacy enrichment and self-esteem development, offer paid experiential learning for young professionals, and provide wrap-around supports for families. Our goals include partnering with community organizations and youth programs to develop team members, supporting local economic development, and fostering positive culture and organizational capacity through collaborative activities.

GEARup2LEAD: The Engagement Center

At the Engagement Center, we’re dedicated to connecting young people to education and employment opportunities while transforming their lives by providing personalized support and vital resources. Together, we’re breaking barriers and shaping brighter futures in our community.

Flint Innovative Solutions

Flint Innovative Solutions (FIS) aims to provide technological infrastructure assistance for local organizations in the Greater Flint Area to improve operational efficiency, through the Strengthening the Bridge, Devouring the Divide (SBDD) program.

Good Church: 181 Teen Movement

Strong, Survivor, Resilient, Amazing, Special, Bright, Brave, Fearless, Determined, Worthy, You, yes, You! No matter what you have been through, no matter what you are going through, you are wonderful! Come hang out with us at 181 Teen Movement to learn more about just how special you are. Come spend time with real people as we search for real solutions to real problems. Lots of good food, games, and giveaways.

InvolvedDad: SHIELD 2

Award Winning Curriculum for Ending Violence against Women being brought to the Flint Area by InvolvedDad, a leader in Responsible Fatherhood. SHIELD features “The Duluth Model”, a trauma informed evidence based Domestic Abuse Intervention Program used nationally. Genesee County men will address their violent behavior while being equipped with the tools and resources to break the cycle of violence and promote healthy familial relationships. SHIELD will fill the local gap in interventions available for men with a history of domestic violence, prioritize the mental health and well-being of children and mothers affected by domestic violence, and promote positive youth development.

Keeping Tabs: Building Community Connections and Resilience at Cook and Ophelia Bonner Park

Empowering Cook Park through Keeping Tabs! Build connections, access resources, and promote mental well-being with our innovative mobile app. Join us in creating a stronger, more resilient community!

Shelter of Flint, Inc.: Self Care Celebration for Shelter Residents

To help ameliorate the stress and trauma of homelessness, Shelter of Flint and the Crim Fitness Foundation will team together to provide two self-care celebrations for women and children residing in the shelter. The goal is for participants to not just have a day of pampering, but to also gain valuable skills and tools that will help them manage their emotions and gain the resilience necessary to navigate this challenging rental market and successfully move to a home of their own.

Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village: SBEV Afterschool Program

Investing in Flint youth – Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village (SBEV), alongside ReCAST and other important community partners, is working to connect even more Flint youth with academics, arts, and sports. Through focused programming, students will work to increase academic success, explore the arts, increase physical activity, and create lasting, healthy relationships with their peers.

Tapology: Flint S.T.O.N.E. Movers Youth Outreach Program

Discover your child’s creative spark with Tapology’s enhanced FlintS.T.O.N.E. Movers Youth Outreach Program! Offering year-round studio training in tap dance, musical and percussive skills, and STEAM and performing arts education, for children ages 8 to 18, we provide a supportive environment for artistic growth. With our experienced instructors, dynamic partnerships, and tailored curriculum, every child can flourish creatively. Join us in fostering positive youth development in Flint’s communities!

McCree Theatre: Creative Arts Summer Camp

Experience the magic of theatre as the New McCree Theatre’s Summer Theatre Camp for Youth presents the Lion King, Jr., the condensed version of that Broadway hit designed specifically for young performing artists.

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