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Program Practices

Flint ReCAST is dedicated to utilizing community-driven processes to craft programs and awareness campaigns that are trauma-informed and evidence-based. We believe that community involvement is a key component in reducing mental health stigma, responding to trauma, and changing the narrative surrounding mental wellbeing. Identified programs and practices of Flint ReCAST include, but are not limited to, the following:

Participatory Components to Promote Empowerment of Community Residents and Reduction of Disenfranchisement: 

  • Open Meeting Initiative 
  • Youth Leadership 
  • Equity and Resilience Grand Rounds 
  • Annual Report Production 

Efforts Designed to Change the Narrative and Provide Education About Mental Health 

  • Mental Health Awareness Month Activities (hosted annually in May) 
  • BIPOC Mental Health Month Activities (hosted annually in July) 
  • Talk About It Tuesday (bi-weekly on Facebook) 
Initiatives Aimed at Reductions in Trauma, Resilience, and At-Risk Youth Initiatives 

  • Community Training – Available to youth and adults on the topics of adverse childhood experiences, mental health, self-care, and so much more. Check out our events calendar to learn more about these opportunities. 

Efforts Designed to Cultivate Sustained Community Change 

  • Flint Community Advisory Taskforce on Public Safety 
  • Culture, Language, and Health Literacy Training 

Ensure That City-Appointed Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions Consider Issues of Equity in Their Deliberations.

Are We Missing Something?

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