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What is Flint ReCAST?

Flint Resiliency in Communities After Stress and Trauma (ReCAST) aims to assist high-risk youth and families by supporting the recovery and rebuilding of Flint’s vibrant community. While many needs remain unmet within the city of Flint, one truth remains: the residents are resilient and have the ability to cultivate change. Therefore, the City of Flint and its partners are collaboratively reshaping the narrative surrounding Flint through efforts towards improved behavioral health, empowered community residents, reductions in trauma, and sustained community change. Flint ReCAST is developing opportunities, activities, practices, and policies that seek to promote resilience and equity in a way that will change the way residents view and interact with their city.

Flint ReCAST Supports:

  • The development of Flint youth through evidence-based violence prevention youth engagement programs.
  • Behavioral health organizations increasing the capacity of trauma-informed practices and strengthening the integration of behavioral health services to improve equitable access to these services for residents.
  • Training in trauma-informed practices, establishing solution-based dialogue, and supporting compassion fatigue response efforts to improve relationships between law enforcement and residents.
  • Efforts to address the racial and social inequities within the community via the implementation of participatory approaches, which will give residents a voice in the program’s work.

Areas of Focus

Behavioral Health

Race & Equity

Youth Support

& Development

Public Safety &

Violence Prevention

Connect With Us

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